Production of products from hard metals, metalworking cutting inserts, crown bits, special-purpose cutters.
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Plates for woodworking
Rectangular plate
Item 01D
The item is used for circular woodcutting saws.
Item 04D
The item is used for blades to arbour-type and plain combined milling cutters, grooving and end milling cutters, drills
Item 06D
The item is used for grooving and end milling cutters (SSS 13834-77)
Item 07D
The item is used for woodworking, blades to combined form milling cutters (SSS 13834-77)
Item 09D
The item is used for wodworking, for fly end milling cutters (SSS 13834-77)
The item is used for woodcitting drills (SSS 13834-77)

Production of hardalloyed goods, which are used for equipping woodcutting tools, is traditional to KZTS. Hard alloyed blade blanks to combined form milling cutters, grooving and end milling cutters and drills, hardalloyed goods for woodcutting saws are made of different hard alloy grades depending on the field of application. Hard alloys of VK6 grade have a high durability, hard alloys VK15 - hightebed mechanical strength . Particularly fine-grained alloys VK6-OM have a higher abrasive resistance to deterioration because of a fine-grained structure, than VK6. The usage of alloy VK6-OM in woodcutting tools allows to get more qualitative surface during woodworking, fiber and wood particle boards.

SSS means russian State Standart Specification. The presence of SSS implies the state certification of this item.

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